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Existe uma configuração nas impressoras onde se determina qual a posição da folha no momento da impressão da primeira linha.
Este texto foi extraído do manual da impressora:

Top-of-Form Fine Adjustment
You never need to use the paper feed knob for setting the top-ofform.
You can make minute modifications to the top-of-form on
continuous or single sheets by following these steps:
Your top margin is usually set by your software, You shouldn[ô]t need
to change the top-of-form setting very often.
1. Load paper onto the push tractor or into the paper guide. If you
are using single sheets, the paper automatically advances to the
top-of-form, so skip the next step.
2. If you are using continuous paper, press the PARK/LOAD ▲
key to move the paper to the top-of-form position.
3. Press the ON LINE key to set the printer on line.
4. Press and hold the PARK/LOAD ▲ key or the LF/FF ▼ key for
two to three seconds. This step directly enters the function to
chance the top-of-form position. The PARK/LOAD and LF/FF
indicators blink to let you know you[ô]re in top-of-form fine
adjustment mode.
The variable top-of-form setting of zero is the factory setting,
which is approximately one inch from the edge of the paper to
the top of a normal height character.
5. Press the PARK/LOAD ▲ key to adjust the paper upwards in
1/72-inch increments. Or, you can press the LF/FF ▼ key to
adjust the paper downwards in 1/72-inch increments.
You can adjust the top-of-form from –60/72-inch to +144/72-inch.
6. Save your new top-of-form as the default setting by pressing the
QUIET/SAVE key for about two seconds.
If you want to print on the first line on the paper, set variable topof-
form to –60/72-inch.
If you want your new variable top-of-form to be only a temporary
setting, do not press the QUIET/SAVE key. Simply press ON LINE.
If you do not save it, the new variable top-of-form setting is
discarded as soon as the printer is turned off.
You can set one variable top-of-form for single sheets and another
for continuous paper and save both settings in one macro. The
GSX-190 senses which variable top-of-form to use by the position of
the paper select lever. This convenience eliminates the need to
change the top-of-form each time you switch between continuous
paper and single sheets.
When variable top-of-form is set between -24 and -60:
* Print quality in the top 6/7 inch of the page may not be as good
as the rest of the page.
* Occasional paper feeding problems may occur.
* Do not print in the first or last 1 inch {10 characters at 10 cpi}
of the first two lines of the page as shown in Figure 3-14.
Envelopes should not be used with -71 through -60 variable top-ofform
settings. Paper feeding problems may occasionally occur.
The default top of form is 1 . With 11  paper, this leaves you with 10[ô]
of printable area. Reduce the page height in your software to10  to
A simple test of how your software and the GSX-190 work together
is to create a document that[ô]s nothing but numbered lines from 1
to66. Print this document to see what fits on a page.
You can reset top of form to its default position by holding the
PARK/LOAD ▲ key until the paper is advanced as far as it will go Then
press the key again for 2 seconds. The paper will return to its default

O link do manual:

Quando precisar, pode contar comigo....
E quando precisar, não esqueça de agradecer, pois a educação é a ALMA DO NEGÓCIO...


Luiz Cesar

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